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It's been a long day.....

Had a final today at 3...so I couldn't get my Phantom dvd till that was over  :(   Then went on a one hour Phantom hunt.  What's a Phantom hunt, you ask?  A Phantom hunt is:

  • driving around aimlessly for 15 minutes trying to find a Walmart, just cause you're curious about this "mystery book" that comes with the "special Walmart edition" is
  • finding out that the mystery book is just the Gaston Leroux novel (which I bought at Half Price Books for $2.00)
  • then finding out that this specific Walmart doesn't carry the 2 disc version
  • storming out of Walmart in a huff
  • driving my pissed-off ass to Hastings only to find out that they sell it for $39.99
  • $39.99!!!!!!!  what am I, a millionaire?
  • cursing at Hastings and their ridiculously overpriced merchandise
  • wasting more gas to drive to Target
  • finding the New Release shelf at Target filled with National Treasure dvds
  • reading the label that says "Phantom of the Opera DVD Special Edition - $24.99" only to find an EMPTY SHELF

[cue panic attack]

after asking the sales guy if they had any in the back...he brings out an entire box of them and proceeds to stock them in the COMEDY section. 

After grabbing an armload of dvds and throwing them in the New Release shelf, I run to the checkout and drive as fast as possible to the nearest dvd player.  I'm exhausted....but SO FREAKIN EXCITED

oh...and why is everything better in the UK???


and yes..my hair did actually look like that after jumping up and down repeatedly

ohmygod the cast/crew sing-a-long KILLS ME. 

Gerry + a crew member singing Phantom  :D


Joel trying to put a spell on Gerry  BAHAHAHAHA



having a laugh



grrrrrrrr my dvd makes really craptacular caps.....

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