Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

[mood:| goofy]

wave bye bye to yesterday...because do you know what todaaay is???

It's Star Wars day!!!  It's Star Wars day!!!  *runs around waving tickets*

I have my tickets...do you?? 
Nisa agreed to see it with me in celebration of her birthday (we went
to see episode II for her 17th birthday too!)  followed by dinner
at Buca di Beppos with Joy, Hutch, and KC.  (P.S. happy early 20th Nisa!)

so in honor of episode III...here's my Star Wars...war...*exclamation point* *exclamation point*

RARR kick some sith ass!!

ok I'll admit...I don't actually know what a sith is....but it's something bad...right...?

[sidenote: Gerry looks like he's trying to castrate Ewan, does he not?]

thought I'd re-surface this one from round 7 since it is SW related and all  ;)

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