Wendy (ws0013) wrote,


the following is spoiler free:

-Star Wars was awesome
-thank god jar-jar didn't have any lines
-R2D2 got downgraded to just being comic relief. tragic...
-Hayden needs to re-take acting 101
-Natalie needs to re-take acting 102 (i.e. slightly better than hayden's...but still laughable)
-Ewan was hot has hell
    - I wanted to have sex with him on his little pet lizard
-they played the trailer for The Island!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus Christ Superstar Ewan looks HOT in that movie...


-who else was laughing thier ass off when Darth Vader broke out of his chains all Frankenstein-like?
-I was so expecting Liam Neeson to make a cameo :(
-it was so sad when all the jedi died :(
-DAMN those babies were BIG
-and CLEAN
-why was the big robot guy coughing at the beginning?
-who was the big robot guy?
-if the crazy electric shock bolts were killing/weakening the bad guy (when sam jackson was defecting them)...why didn't he just stop trying to shock sam?
-why was the guy next to me shouting WOOKIE every 10 minutes....?
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