Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

what's going on with my livejournal?  someone clue me in on why my entries aren't visible on friends pages......

After talking to Elyse last night (and literally laughing so hard I was keeled over) here are some hilarious little tidbits:

Elyse: remember that planet Obi-Wan was on in episode 2?
Me: no
Elyse: Kamino?
Me: no
Elyse: the one with all the clone dudes?
Me: no
Elyse: *lightbulb* the planet that WET obi was on!!
Me: OOOH.    YES.


Me: some poor girl said that there was this SW nerd sitting behind her during the movie...and he was waving his glow-in-the-dark lightsaber around making the swishing sounds the ENTIRE time
Elyse: omg that sucks..
Me: yeah seriously...I woulda just turned around, grabbed it, broken it in half, and yelled YOU ARE NOT A JEDI
Elyse: hahahahaha dude I woulda just grabbed it and kept it.  Those things are expensive
Me: oooooooh really?  then in that case, I'll take it and yell THIS IS GOING IN MY EBAY PILE
Elyse: hahahaha and then he'll be like *in nerdy star wars voice* NO!  THAT IS A LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS LIGHTSABER!


Elyse: goddammit.  why doesn't my phone warn me anymore when the battery's low??  It used to do that until Gerry used it
Me: maybe Gerry broke it
Elyse: yeah I think he did.  I bet he pushed some random button and messed it up
Me: *imagines Gerry fondling Elyse's phone* hehehe
Elyse: next time I see him, I'll be like YOU FUCKER.  YOU BROKE MY PHONE!!!
Me: HAHAHAHA  you should ask him to re-pay you, and for --
Elyse: SEX
Me: hahahahahaha ooooooooook...I was trying to think of a nicer way to say it...but that works...
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