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so check it out.  Found out today that I'm a 5th degree Gerry and a 4th degree Ewan.  no joke. 

I was watching Tomb Raider on Starz, and my mom walks in and starts freaking out about some asian guy on screen.  Evidently my mom knows him (as in went to his wedding).  here goes....

Gerry was in Tomb Raider 2 with...
Simon Yam
who is married to this crazy famous supermodel...
QiQi who used to be neighbors with my...
mom way back in the day

Apparently, my great grandmother was QiQi's godmother, and she was best friends with my mom back when they were like..8 years old.... 

confused yet? just wait. it gets better...

So "QiQi" isn't her birth name.  It's just a little nickname she uses (kinda like Madonna, Cher, etc).  Guess where she got her nickname from!!  FROM ME.  I swear on my life.  Supposedly when I was like...3 years old, she would come over to my mom's house all the time...and I couldn't pronounce her full name, so I would call her Auntie QiQi instead (it kinda sounds like GiGi). 

she's also the new face of Omega watches!  Which might explain why we always an assload of those watches at home...pictures here!

Onto my Ewan link!  Ewan did a little movie called Pillow Book with Vivian Wu

^that would be her right there

After I was born, my grandparents moved into a new apartment right next door to Vivian's grandma!!  I've been over to her apartment a few times, but didn't get to see her the last time I went back to China cause my grandparents rented out their old apt. and bought a new one way across town.  :(

I've never been so proud to be from Shanghai

How do you like them apples??

This shit is blowing my mind
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