Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

a message from the netherworld!

excuse the typo's...apparently the UK has really shitty keyboards (and computers in McDonalds!  who knew...)

all the way from London --


in mcd;s right now...today is ewan day! i tried to get his auto last
nite but tim burton + albert finney + helena bonahm carter were
there!! they took up his time and he didnt come out to sign :((. nor
mon night apparently, but hopefully tonight. met all other [guys & dolls] cast.
jenna is nice, my grandma got pic w/jane, doug spelled my name.

wendy, we've gone to many ewan places like the aeon commercials
place!!! and lecester sq. there are about 4 "odeon" theters, so i cant
tell  which is which. but we went to the hampstead heath, regents park
and took pics like gerry sitting in the grass in The Jury!

omg my fingers hurt. what else...oh yeah theatre of MR thing we read,
name escapes me. but they had moulin rouge postr, trainspotting poster, and star wars 1 poster all
signed there!

ok must go now, wish me luck!!


Tags: ewan, london, vacation
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