Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

more updates!

AHHHHHH!!  ELYSE MET EWAN (again)!!  :D :D :D :D

AND!  She got an autograph for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  *loves Elyse*

hey duuude.  wanted to update you a bit on stuff.

i reaallllyyyy enjoyed seeing Ewan in the play 2x
already.... soooo awesome. :-D he even looked at me yesterday 2x while
he was singing!!!! i nearly died. i got his auto 2x too, once for me
and once for you! you will love it. :D he read the card before he signed it

last nite we went to a pub with two guys we have gotten friendly with
from the theatre. it was seriously one of the highlights of the trip.
one is a guy in the cast of G&D (!) and the other guy is an usher. they're
really cool and thy showed us a fun time.

the heat wave broke yeseterday, of course right as i was waiting
outside the theatre. WE SAW EWAN WALK INTO THE THEATRE THO which was cool. he
caught my eye and i was just like OMG. but it was cool, he just walked
right past us through th main door of the theatre and inside. we were
just dumbstruck. but that was awesome.
when ewan came out to sign on weds
night...he was in a T A N K T O P... TANK TOP.....OOOHMMMMGGGFFGGG....yes.
you will see pics and vids. omfg. not enough time in the world to say how
fucking hot he looked in that little wifebeater. holy fucking shit. annnnnyyyywayyyyy.
last nite he was all wrappd up cuz it was cold.

homfg phantom was fucking aweesomeeee omfffggg i was like shitting my
pants when that guy was singing....Mirror-POTO-MOTN was like....sex.
it was great. but raoul was sorta eh, and christine was ok. i was bored
stiff during the graveyard scene, just cuz it was just christine
singing with nothing going on. but i def liked it....not better than
the movie, but if hugh panero had been the movie phantom, i seriously woulda
been all over that shit in a flash.

anyway, scotland tomorrow! that'll be fun!

Tags: ewan, london, phantom, vacation
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