Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

what in sam hill.....

So it's official that Angelina is pregnant with Brad's baby????

ooooooooooo Jen must be pissed

saw Bewitched and War of the Worlds this weekend.  I need opinions from other people.... Personally I thought they both could have been better.  Bewitched was cute, but in a sugar-y way.  Reminded me a lot of Down With Love, except minus the male eye candy :(

War of the Worlds -- please go away Tom.  I walked out thinking, "wow, the original was better" (in all its cheese-filled glory).  I'll gladly take puppet-string aliens over those outrageously CGI tripods any day.  Oh, and apparently the louder the movie, the better it is.  Tylenol alert
Tags: brangelina, movies
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