Wendy (ws0013) wrote,

job interview

a little skeptical....

my job interview with Primerca went really well.  Almost too well....

I went in to interview with the regional VP of Primerica...got along great with him/his boss/his receptionist...pretty much everyone working there

a few things that raised flags:

  • they never asked for my resume.  only references (and not necessarily professional reference either)
  • every direct question I asked got a vague answer.  After 2 hours of interviewing, I still don't know exactly what the company does. 
  • Supposedly Primerica is a part of CitiGroup, but when I asked how their company makes their money, the answer I got was "you'll get those details later"

any opinions?

at least I got a free dinner out of it :p  He ended up taking us to this super expensive sushi place called KZ.  I had 2 rolls that ended up costing him $60....but omg seriously best sushi ever and so worth it.  If you don't like sushi, you are not my friend. 

Tags: job
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